Yunnan Haoxin Aluminum foil Co. LTD was founded in 1988, the predecessor was Yunnan Aluminum Processing Plant. In 1996, American ALUMAX International Company (ALUMAX INC.) became a shareholder of the company .......[More]

         Aluminum Corporation of China LimitedBearing the mission and responsibility of the development of China's nonferrous metals industry, Aluminum Corporation of China Ltd.(CHINALCO) has achieved a leap-forward development from no to have, from small to large, from weak to strong, with its total assets increasing to 642.6 billionCNYand its annual sales revenue exceeding 344 billion CNY

         Yunnan Aluninum Co., Ltd. Yunnan Aluminium Co.,Ltd. (HEREINAFTER referred to as Yunnan Aluminum), a pioneer in the green development of China's aluminum industry, was founded on 21 September 1970 with the setting up of the Yunnan Aluminium Plant Construction Leading Group approved by Yunnan Metallurgical Bureau.

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