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HSE Management


Company safety and environmental policy

People-oriented. Based on precaution. Continuous improvement. Build a harmonious Society


Company safety and environmental spirit

Professional, united, practical and promising

Company policy on safety and environmental protection

Service, supervision, guidance and coordination


Safety and environmental management philosophy and ideas

security and environmental protection ideas;

1 core idea

All risks are manageable and  all accidents are preventable.

Nine supporting ideas

Management must govern safetySafety management must be governed by employee’s behavior.

Inadequate training is the biggest risk.

One post has 2 responsibilities each people has the responsibility list.

The more investment in safety the more pays off.

Be safe and clean in everything you do.

Accidents, incidents and hidden dangers should be traced back to the source.

The overall management from point to line and plane.

Risk grading management and control is the primary task.

Safety can protect people and culture can build people’s spirt.


 3132safety management idea

3 points of “one”

One core: People oriented management.  Increase the whole personnel safety quality

One support: Safety culture construction realize safety value understanding.

One way: Management must govern safetySafety management must be governed by employee’s behavior.

Three points of “two”

Manage two kinds of employee : the leaders and the workers.

Promote two kinds of impetus: The leader should pay attention on work and execution. Line employee response at line organization.

Improve two targets: The leader must keep visible and touched on working management. The employee must understand risk and know how of protection.

River chief system

Environmental protection shall be governed by relevant laws and regulations. The party and government leaders at all levels shall be defined as the first responsible person for key sewage outlets, and the system of entity responsibility shall be implemented.


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