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As a national "High and New Technology Enterprise", "Innovative Pilot Enterprise" of Yunnan Province and "Certified Enterprise Technology Center of Yunnan Province", Yunnan Haoxin aluminum foil Co., LTD. always carries out the idea of science and technology innovation driving development.  After more than 30 years of unremitting efforts, It has been developed into a high-end aluminum manufacturing base with strong scientific and technological innovation capability, integrating electronic and power capacitor ultra-thin aluminum foil, new energy power battery aluminum foil, food packaging aluminum foil, pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil, cable communication aluminum foil, PS printing substrate plate, construction applying aluminum material, point single and double zero foil and other products.

        As a key industrial enterprise in Yunnan ProvinceHaoxin has undertaken more than ten provincial-level and ministerial level scientific research projects, such as "National 863 project" and "Major Project of Yunnan Province". Through continuous innovation, the industrialization technology of making ultra-wide and ultra-thin aluminum foil with short process of electrolytic aluminum casting and rolling with independent intellectual property rights, as well as the key technology of producing high - end aluminum foil by electrolytic aluminum casting and rolling with short process have been successfully developed which have been laid solid foundation for the sustainable development of the company. 

Cold-rolling Millfrom SIEMAG Germany

Achenbach, Germany Intermediate and Finishing Mill


    Over the years, Haoxin has been constantly improving and optimizing the system of scientific and technological innovation and scientific and technological personnel training, and has gradually established an all-round innovation team integrating technology, quality, production, equipment and management which has guaranteed the scientific and technological innovation and sustainable development of enterprises. At the same time, the company actively established scientific and technological cooperation mechanism, and took the road of combining production, education and research. The company has long term good cooperative relations with Kunming Metallurgical Research Institute, Central South University, Kunming University of Science and Technology and Luoyang Nonferrous Metal Processing Design and Research Institute.

   "Zhang Xinming Academician Expert Workstation" was jointly established with Central South University which formed a higher level, more extensive combination involving production, teaching and research technology innovation cooperation platform, which significantly enhanced the company's market competitiveness and comprehensive strength.

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