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Enterprise Spirit:

Arouse Employee’s All Efforts to Make the Company Prosperous and to Make Stronger Innovation.

Enterprise spirit is a group spirit based on common belief and value. “Arouse Employee’s All Efforts to Make the Company Prosperous” means to inspire Employee’s spirit and forge ahead unswervingly toward the goal of struggle target.  In prosperity situation, think of cautious and conscientious.

Firm faith in adversity with hard work and continue to create brilliant career. “Make Stronger Innovation" means that dare to break through,                 have the courage to be the first to strengthen strategic management and control capabilities, independent innovation ability, international operation ability, operation and management ability and brand building ability to build a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness

Core value:

Responsibility, integrity, openness and excellence.

Corporate values refer to the value orientation of the enterprise and its employees, as well as the basic beliefs and goals advocated by the enterprise in the pursuit of business success.

Responsibility: To assume political, economic and social responsibilities. With the correct perspective on the overall situation, dare to undertake, brave to shoulder responsibility, will to do, can do and have done well in working. Make management excellent and the cost careful. The safety controlling target is zero accident and zero injury.

Integrity: Honesty and trustworthiness. To be a sincere personbe sincere with peopledo things honestly and keep oneself promises. Be sure of your word and act accordingly. Build a trustworthy and loyal brand image with the integrity of the enterprise

OpennessOpen mind and absorb new things. Lead new upgrading. Open up the way of operation and development, carry out cooperation with an open mind, utilize various market conditions, and maximize the value of cooperation. Cultural opening to form an integration, harmonious cultural atmosphere.

Brilliant:  Be full of passion, continuous pursuit and have the courage to go beyond.       And provide the best products, technologies and services. To pay attention on details, continuous improvement, so that achieve excellent technology and management level.

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