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Talent Strategy

1Human resource strategy

Adhere to the people-oriented principle. Take the scientific and harmonious development of service enterprise as the basic starting point of the construction of talent team. Strive to create a good atmosphere conducive to the healthy growth of talents create an environment that encourages, support and help talented people to do their jobs. Give opportunities to those who want to do. Give the stage to those who can do, and encourage those who have done. Construct a beneficial mechanism for talented person's development and display. Fully arouses all kinds of talented person's enthusiasm and the creativity to realize the employee and the company common development.

2Talent training

The company arranges and deploys according to Yunnan Province Skill Improvement Actioncombined with the demand of talent cultivation, fully relies on Yunnan Aluminum Training Center to carry out series of skills upgrading training, to make Skills Master Studio as a platform at the provincial level. Extensive professional skills promotion activities such as job skills, skill levels and title series will be carried out with skills-based talents cultivation of systemic and specific aim to further strengthen the company talent team construction.

The company regularly carries out various technical competitions, skill competitions, post training and youth quality improvement activities, etc. for young people’s growing up to build a platform for exchanging skills and displaying innovative thinking. Combining the interests and hobbies of young people, carry out all kinds of activities combining education and entertainment with the times, enrich the cultural life of employees, and enhance the cohesion of the team.

3Talent growth channel

The company has established three talent growth channels, namely compound management talents, expert technical talents and craftsman technical talents, which are independent and integrated with each other to form a systematic and perfect career development system for employees in three categories: operation management, engineering technology management and production operation management. The company pays attention to the training of young talents, implements the "Young Elite Training Plan", and carries out the measures of "Education, Selection, Application and Retention" in a planned and targeted way through cadre selection, professional and technical personnel employment, and skilled talents training and evidence collection, etc., to guide and promote the enterprise employees to be suitable and stand out.

The company focuses on building the career development space for skilled talents. A promotion channel has been established for staff of "Five-level Technician" and "Five-level Engineer”.  We will actively cultivate the craftsman spirit. We will accelerate the development of a contingent of highly qualified and skilled personnel. In July 2020, employees with intermediate or above titles accounted for 10.48% of the total employees, and those with skill level certificates accounted for 48.25% of the total employees.

4Salary and welfare

1、Employee's compensation basic salary + performance salary + allowances, subsidies + various awards

2Employee benefit

1The company buys five insurances and two pensions (endowment insurance, medical insurance, maternity insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance, housing accumulation fund, and enterprise annuity) for employees.

2Employees enjoy holidays:    paid annual leave, family leave, marriage leave, funeral leave, maternity and family planning leave, and national statutory holidays.

3The company has hospital, kindergarten, canteen, etc., and provides staff with dormitory, bus, basketball court,   badminton court and other facilities and places to facilitate life and entertainment.

4In order to protect employees' occupational health, the company provides employees with a free occupational health examination every year. Besides purchasing medical insurance for employees according to law, the company also participates in provincial medical mutual aid to improve employees' happiness and sense of gain.

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