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Good News in Fall

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One of the traditional Chinese festival----Mid-autumn Festival was coming. Mr. Gao Jin, the General Manager condoled the employees who were working on shift together with some of mid-management of YXAF on the night of September 14th.

YXAF has new achievements in thinner gauge foil in 2008, the proportion of thin gauge foil has been increased 4% of total comparing with the same time period of last year, the volume has been increased as well. The volume of 0.005mm foil from January till August 2008 has been increased 33% comparing with the same period of 2007, which was almost 3times of the volume in year 2006. Beyond of this, the production for 0.0045mm foil is becoming steady this year. This is a scientific breakthrough in the aluminum foil processing industry in China. The stable production and increasing volume for 0.0045mm & 0.005mm foil means the new era in YXAF, it proves the NO. 1 position of YXAF in thinner gauge foil manufacturing in China.

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